Sunday, 1 December 2013

Puzzle Pop: Monster Fight Beginners Guide

Welcome to Puzzle Pop: Monster Fight. As a Duelist, you will work with your Petmons to win the title of Arena Champion!  

This guide will teach you how to play Puzzle Pop.

Tap on the screen to start!

Game Basics

This is the Home page of the game.

Selecting/Unlocking Petmons 

Tap on [Select Petmon] button

You can select different Petmons from here.

Tap on the [i] button to view detailed info of the Petmon. Tap it again to hide the info

You need to tap on the use Petmon button to confirm your selection.

You can also use Crowns earned from matches to unlock more Petmons. 
Starting a game

Tap on the [Play] button on the home page.

Currently there is only [Arcade] mode in the Beta.

Please select it.

Next, you will chose a difficulty level; Newbie is the easiest while Master is the hardest. Once the difficulty level is tapped, the match will start.

How to play

Your Petmon's HP is represented by the bar on the left and your opponent's on the right. Your win the match by reducing your opponent's HP to 0. You lose the match if your Petmon's HP drops to 0. 

When 3 or more Runes are adjacent to each other, you can tap on the group to dissolve it and channel its power to your Petmon.

Red Runes will allow your Petmon to damage the opponent’s HP.

Purple Runes will delay your opponent’s actions and ability to fight.

Your opponent will damage you as well and reduce your HP. You will lose if your HP drops to 0. Green runes will allow your Petmon to recover HP

These Crowns are the main currency in the game. You will need them to purchase upgrades for your Petmon.

Blue Runes charge up your skill bar when you pop them.

When the skill bar is full, you can tap on the skill button to activate your Petmon's skill.

Pop Runes in groups of 5 and above to increase their effectiveness. 

Bombs are created when you pop 7 - 9 Runes at the same time. 

Tap on the Bomb to detonate it and it will pop all Runes surrounding  it in a 3 x 3 grid. Runes popped this way will add their effect to the match.

Prisms are created when 10 or more Runes are popped at the same time. 

Tap on it to activate the Prism and all Runes of a random color will be popped. 

Runes will sometimes be locked by the opponent. When this happens, the Rune will not be able to pop until the lock wears off after some time. 

With this guide, you are now ready to take on other Petmons!

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